The Judean war against Rome was begun and fought by men. Women make little appearance during the war except as victims. Yet Josephus' history of the years leading up to the war do include a number of important female characters.
  Women had their impact not on the battlefield or in the religious institutions, but within the family. When that family also happened to be a royal dynasty, the women had the power to influence the outcome of nations.
   All the important women in Josephus' works, outside of his biblical retellings, are of royal families. Here are their stories.

 Note: This is a work in progress; over time, extracts from Josephus will be used to tell the story of each of these women.  - G. Goldberg
Queen of the Jews
the Hasmonean Princess whom Herod wed to gain her kingdom


scheming sister of Herod


the Roman noblewoman who saved the Jewish Prince Agrippa


who gained a kingdom for her husband


the Jewish Princess who tried to stop the War


Queen of Egypt, who took the most valuable parts of Judea from Herod


God-fearing wife of Nero