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Josephus Sites

    The Works of Flavius Josephus - The complete text of the Whiston translation.

    The Works of Josephus in Greek - The original texts courtesy of the Perseus Project , with search capability and vocabulary and word frequency analysis.

   Steve Mason - York University Professor Steve Mason Contents include  the PACE project, information about the Brill Josephus Project and  papers presented at the Josephus Seminars of the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature.  Related sites are:
   Josephus Works at PACE: Brill, Whiston and Greek
Josephus Bibliography On-Line at PACE

   Josephus Biography - An excellent exposition of Josephus' life, by Mahlon H. Smith of Rutgers University. Part of his Perspective on the World of Jesus site, which has many other fine articles.

    Josephus Biography - Catholic encyclopedia article. 

  Josephus Manuscripts - An illustrated guide to manuscripts of Josephus over the centuries, from the collection of  the Library of Canada.

The Josephus Articles at the Society of Biblical Literature

What Josephus Says about the Essenes in his Judean War by Steve Mason.  A fresh look at what Josephus writes about the Essenes, presenting how the group formed, in Josephus' eyes, the ideal representation of Judaism. The question then arises: could the Dead Sea Scroll community truly have been the model for Josephus' Essenes? (Posted at The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls.)

The Credibility of Josephus by Magen Broshi. A comparison of Josephus with the archaeological evidence, demonstrating the overall correctness of Josephus' descriptions of physical sites. (Posted at The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls.)

Descriptions of the Jerusalem Temple in Josephus and the Temple Scroll by Lawrence H. Schiffman.  Studies on the ancient descriptions of the Jerusalem Temple have usually attempted to establish a correspondence between Josephus' accounts and the Temple plan found in tractate Middot of the Mishnah. In this article, Professor Schiffman reads Josephus independent of mishnaic material and compares Josephus' descriptions to those found in the Temple Scroll found at Qumran. (Posted at The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls.)

    Philosophia In Graeco-Roman Society, Judaism, and Early Christianity - Steve Mason on Josephus' portrayal of Judaism as a philosophy.

   Josephus' Vita and the Encomium: A Native Model of Personality - A study of what the ancients considered worth knowing about a person and Josephus' use of these conventional categories in his autobiography, by Jerome H. Neyrey of the University of Notre Dame.

  The Pharisees -  In-depth article about the Pharisees in Josephus' work; part of the Ecole Initiative.

  Flavius Josephus as an Historian

 Theophilus by Richard H. Anderson - This article examines whether "the most excellent Theophilus" of the Gospel of Luke can be identified with Theophilus the High Priest described by Josephus. (Previously published in Evangelical Quarterly.) 

   The Procurators of Judaea - Easy-to-read introduction to the Roman administrators of Judaea in the First Century, using Josephus as the principal source.

Archaeology and Josephus

     Gamala - Excavation of the city of Gamala, which Josephus fortified while commander of Galilee. The ruins show graphic evidence of the Roman victory and confirmation of Josephus' account.

    Masada (Frontline/PBS Television) - Description of the remains of the fortress of Masada, the last stronghold of the revolt, and what they tell us about the credibility of Josephus, who gave a detailed account of its last days.

     Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls - Study of the scrolls found at the Qumran site on the Dead Sea, commonly but questionably identified as the work of the Essene community described by Josephus in War 2.8.1-12 120-161 and Antiquities 18.1.5 18-22.

    Amphora Coins - Numismatist David Hendin provides pictures of ancient Jewish coins on his web site. These verify the account of the rulers of Judaea during the later Second Temple period given by Josephus.

    Ancient Jewish Coins at Gilai - Offering Jewish coins and collectibles. Recommended especially for its many pictures of ancient Jewish coins. 

Judaism and Early Christianity Links

    Resource Pages for Biblical Studies - Well-organized directory of links to web sites devoted to Bible-related studies.

     New Testament Gateway - A comprehensive site that keeps up with the latest in New Testament research, created by Professor Mark Goodacre .

    Society of Biblical Literature

    Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha at Sage Journals OnLine

   Early Church Documents    

Language Links

    Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

    Liddel-Scott-Jones Lexicon of Classical Greek

    Perseus Greek Texts and Translations

Literary Works Connected to Josephus

    The Tragedy of Mariamme Home Page - All about Elizabeth Carey's play, the first English Renaissance tragedy written by a woman. It was based on Josephus' story of Mariamme .

   The Josephus Math Problem - The famous math problem based on Josephus' suicide pact at the fall of Jotapata. This site has a Java applet demonstration. 

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