Geneaology of Josephus

According to his autobiography.
Josephus traces his ancestry to the Hasmoneans (the family of Judah Macabbee, hero of the Hanukkah story). The genealogy he presents is contradictory and the dates are barely plausible.
But all we know is what he tells us.
                                                              |                            |                                             |
Simon Psellus                    Jonathan (High Priest)  Simon Hyrcanus (High Priest)    Judah Macabee
              |                                     |
(9 sons)  Matthias Ephlias   --     daughter

                                Matthias Curtis
                                b. 135 BCE (1st yr Hyrcanus)
                               b. 67 BCE (9th yr Alexandra)
                                b. 6 CE (10th yr Archelaus)
                               |                            |
                          Josephus             Matthias
                        b. 37 CE
                        (1st yr Gaius)