Thematic Concordance to the Works of Josephus

The Festival of Sukkot in the Works of Josephus

                                                                                    by G. J. Goldberg
 [Work in progress. I list for now the occurences of Sukkot in Josephus' works, in chronological order.]

 The Law

Law of Moses
Ant 3.10.4  244 

Reading of the Law at the Festival
Ant. 4.8.12 209 

The First Temple Period

Solomon moves the Ark of the Covenant into the New Temple
Ant 8.4.1 100 

The First Sacrifices in the Temple
Ant 8.4.5 123 

Jeroboam Becomes King
Ant 8.8.4 225 & 8.8.5 230 

The Second Temple Period

Sukkot observed by Zerubbabel after Returning from Babylon; first sacrifices
Ant 11.4.1 77 
(under Darius)

 Esdras reads the law of Moses (3 Esdras 9:37-55) (under Xerxes)
Ant 11.5.5 154

The Hasmoneans

King Jonathan the Hasmonean becomes High Priest (appointed by Demetrius)
Ant. 13.2.3 46 

Antiochus the Pious and Hyrcanus Make Peace
Ant. 13.8.2  241

Antigonus' Display at Sukkot Leads to his Murder by his Brother Aristobulus
War 1.3.2 73

Uprising against Alexander Jannaeus  (c. 60? BCE)
Attempts to officiate at ceremony as high priest; the people consider him unfit, pelt him with etrogs.
Ant. 13.13.5  372

Aristobulus, brother of Mariamme, becomes High Priest,
attends altar at Sukkot, drawing the jealousy of Herod, who kills him
Ant 15.3.3 50

The Revolt Against Rome

Jesus son of Ananus begins doomsaying four years before the war. "The cry was loudest at the festivals." 
W 6.5.3 300 

Beginning of the War: Cestius Advances on Jerusalem (66 CE)
War 2.19.1 515

Gamala overthrown at end of Sukkot
War 4.1.9 63 & 83
[But this is noted only by the date, Tishri 22, not by mention of the festival.]

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